SDM-Rotary Career Guidance and Placement HRD Centre

The SDM Rotary Career Guidance & Placement Centre facilitates the students to explore the employment and new career avenues. It also helps students in career planning through counseling where in they gather information about themselves in terms of their interests, aptitudes and abilities so that they can choose their career more effectively. The objective of the Placement Office is also on the professional development of the students by training them towards employability skills such as Regular online Aptitude test, Aptitude Training resume building, group discussion and interview skills which in turn helps the students to move into a desired occupation and/or apply in prestigious postgraduate and professional schools. The SDMRCGP Centre takes the initiative to explore new career avenues for graduates and post graduates through visits to new companies Campus recruitments are organized every year. The selection process generally starts with a pre-placement talk in which a firm/organization gives the students insights into the company profile, job profile, career path, CTC (college to Corporate programme)  etc. which is followed by the actual selection process i.e., written test, group discussion, interview etc. SDM College has state-of-the-art facilities that make campus recruitment a pleasant experience. Student placement representatives from each class are also present to provide assistance throughout the selection process.  Student support services, also known as "student services" provide direct services for all students. Direct services are provided by means such as Career guidance & Computerized counseling, individual assessment Test. In addition, student Faculty and Training Service services provide to various Educational institutions 

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